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"Grant is an incredible photographer with a great eye for detail. He’s makes you feel comfortable during your session whether you’re in front of the camera as the subject or behind the camera as another creative influence, such as a makeup artist like myself. He takes suggestions and criticism well, and anything you want to change about your shoot he’s open to discussing. Grant is a professional with everything he does, and his background in the performing arts makes him a natural photographer with real talent and skill." - Jeanette Ward, Makeup Artist


“Working with Grant Landry was awesome! He’s got a good eye for capturing unique shots. Love his vibe and always a fun shoot” - Jordan Mah (Theatre Professional)

Jordan Mah

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"Grant stepped up to a new challenge photographing an extensive aerial performance by Duo Destiny aboard the Norwegian Gem. Aerial content is amongst the most difficult subject matter to photograph due to a combination of wildly varying lighting conditions and rapid movement combined with the inherent challenge of the live stage environment. Grant did an outstanding job, managing to capture both the richness of the production lighting and the intimacy of the performance while remaining unobtrusive and discreet working around a live theatre audience." - Elliott Glass (Australian based Lighting Designer)